Destined For Microfame of the Day: This sharp-dressed time-traveller was seen ambling in the vicinity of the site where a Cornell University student met an untimely demise.


Is this “Disaster Guy”?

Ha, “fell into a gorge?” That may possibly be the case. Then again, Cornell is famous for its gorge-jumping suicides.

As for the British Detective in America… well… maybe bowler hats are back!

Wow, it’s amazing how an Internet meme that I created over six years ago is still active and circulating now. And almost three years after I revived it on my blog.

The real story: this was a Cornell University Hotel School staffer who came to the rescue of a student who “fell” into Cascadilla Gorge on November 8, 2002. The student survived, and this photo was on the front page of the Ithaca Journal a day later. I created a series of photoshopped pictures based off this photo on my student web site, which still exist on a dusty hard drive somewhere in my parents’ basement.

What’s funny is I was just talking about this very picture on Valentines Day with caro, et al. And a week and change later, it resurfaces on teh interwebs.

SHUT THE FUCK UP! That’s the dude in charge of IT at the Hotel School. Awesome. He deserves to be famous.

Wow, I remember that happening - I was a sophomore at the time and would walk past Cascadilla on the way to class every day.

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