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In hill country from Iowa to the Scottish Highlands, sky-gazers have reported some strange, ominous-looking clouds of late. Dubbed undulatus asperatus (turbulent undulation), the atmospheric anomaly could be headed where only 80-odd clouds have gone before: into the International Cloud Atlas. If it makes the cut, asperatus will be the first new addition in more than 50 years.

reminds me of abstract paintings. amazing. we’re a step closer to dream-catching.

First the duststorms in Australia and now THIS. An anomaly or another word starting with “A”?

Shit is getting weird people. It couldn’t possibly be that we humans have fucked up the world we live in. The problem has to be OUT THERE.

After much careful consideration and a bottle of absinthe straight up, I’m putting my bets with L. Ron Hubbard.  I feel I can really trust someone with an initial for a first name. So anyways, Dianetics:The Evolution Of A Science is now being FedExed my way. Thanks Amazon.com.

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